Commemorative Engraved Garden Label
Commemorative Engraved Garden Label  Ref: ENGLABCOM
Perhaps you wish to commemorate a special event - a birth, marriage, anniversary or simply give it as a gift to someone special. Using the facility provided below, you can insert your chosen text on the label and we will arrange for it to be engraved and delivered to you with your Wollemi Pine.

The Commemorative label is 75 x 100mm, made from exterior quality, UV-protected plastic laminate, with white lettering engraved into a black background. The text of your choice would be inserted below the botanical and common names (see picture). You can have up to 3 lines of text, each with space for up to 30 characters (including spaces).

Each label is supplied complete with a 54cm long plant label holder. The holder is completely coated using EPD (ElectroPhoretic Deposition), which means they are totally rust-proof and have a long life span. The label slides into the face of the angled stem plate.