Wollemi Pine in North America

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The trees launched for general sale in North America in early 2007 with great success. We have been inundated with orders both in the US and from Canada and are thrilled with the interest and support that this great project has received. Because of their expertise, the state government of Queensland, Forestry Department maintains strict control over the propagation of all Wollemi Pine worldwide. Currently, all of the young trees will be coming out of Australia and will be grown on in the US and Canada for distribution domestically. Trees are currently available only through our website at www.ancientpine.com although we hope to distribute through garden centers and botanic gardens in the near future.

So far over $1 million has been raised for conservation through the sales of the Wollemi Pine. This is something of which we are extremely proud. We’d love you to help us add to this total.

Wollemi Pine North America want to work with botanic gardens to establish educational exhibits and explain to the public how their purchase of a Wollemi Pine will help preserve the species as well as raising money for habitat restoration and preservation.

If you are currently not a subscriber to the Wollemi Newsletter, we suggest you go to the Wollemi Pine International website to sign up. The subscribers of the Wollemi Watch will be the first to hear about special offers as well as new developments for roll out in North America.

For further information or if you are interested in setting up a display at a public garden or arboretum anywhere in North America. Please contact Josh on the address below

Josh Schneider
Wollemi Pine North America

Email: info@ancientpine.com

To purchase please visit www.ancientpine.com

Wollemi Pine | Ordering | Buy Online |  Wollemi Pine in North America