Giving your tree the best chance of surviving a cold winter?

To give the Wollemi Pine the best chance of survival protect it from the worst of the winds during the winter it should flourish if left outside. If you are putting you tree in a container use a 50:50 mix of John Innes no3 and Ericaceous compost. Incorporate some slow release fertiliser into the compost along with the sachet of RootGrow that is supplied with the tree. Westland’s Feed All Slow Release is a suitable fertiliser (please follow the incorporation rates on the fertiliser packaging) Put a layer of crocs (pieces of broken clay pots) into the bottom of the container so that the drainage holes do not block. If it is outside make sure that the container is well drained and raised slightly off of the floor to aid the drainage. The Wollemi Pine starts to need copious amounts of water when the flush of growth arrives in the late spring, until then just make sure that the compost is just kept moist.