Wollemi Pines planted at Kew reach maturity

The first Wollemi Pine planted outdoors outside of Australia by Sir David Attenborough in May 2005 along with the tree planted in April 2006 by its discoverer David Noble at RBG Kew both now bear male and female cones. This makes these trees amongst the first Wollemi Pines in the northern hemisphere to reach sexual maturity.


Research carried out at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney and Mount Annan Botanic Garden, Mount Annan, in Australia shows that female and male cones are produced on adult trees with pollen release from the male cone occurring in spring. Seed cones mature 16–19 months later in late summer and autumn and appear to be produced annually. Approximately 10% of the seed produced in two consecutive years was viable. Germination of this seed took up to 6 months – so it could be another 2 years before we see any seedlings appear.